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Advertising Burning Man Style

Burning Man Videos and Fiya

Original post: September 6, 2016
Edited: September 19, 2016

Burning Man is arguably the most fantastic display of human ingenuity and art and architecture and music and high vibes. Over the years, many inspired videos have emerged and 2016 was no exception. DC’s mashup includes a remix of a 2015 live dj morning set at the Pink Mammoth party.

“Sunrise at Burning Man,” is a mashup featuring moments from Burning Man 2015-2016. It was published on Youtube on August 31, 2016. It was simultaneously published on Facebook as a native video, (embedded), under the title, “BM Playa Temple Love mashup-remix 2016.” As of September 6, 8:20 a.m. PDT – 7,502 views have been clocked on Youtube. Credits to

The Christina, burning boat on the playa in Black Rock City, Nevada.

Burning Man proves timing is everything in digital marketing.

Imagine my surprise today when YouTube reflected more than 7,000 views.  Am I cheating with smart hashtags or backlinks or simply asking friends to like and share? No. My “cheat,” was in the timing. Sounds like something I read in Sun Tzu’s, “The Art of War.”

The days when brands could buy their way into markets are behind us. The paramount key to great marketing today is no longer shrink-wrapped, slick or glossy. Nay. Those qualities will kill your brand fast as a millennial can swipe left on a beat troll on Tinder.

Virtually all adults and most teens are armed with oceans of real-time info about anything because Google. It’s best not to risk your company and brand’s digital rep by veering off the course set by authenticity. Successful brands keep their messages authentic and time their launch dates.

Three mantras of authentic marketing

  • organic relationships, (not paid)
  • legit shit, (really good product(s))
  • culture as a brand


Keep Calm and Keep it Stupid sign

Rule #1, KISS.

Brands cannot buy this stuff. They try, but reputation and authenticity are not items a brand can simply purchase. They can only build it from and with some metaphorical and real sweat equity. Much of the time, that’s all a small boutique agency has.


Agencies continue to bamboozle their clients into spending more money on storytelling, even if the story isn’t completely true. Doubt this? You spent about $700 on your last smart-phone. So tell me, what’s your phone’s story? Crickets, I hear crickets.

The answer to succeeding in brand building, marketing, advertising and ultimately sales and brand loyalty is genuine, old-fashioned, authenticity and nothing communicates that like video.


Hello Story-Doing

Broadcasting stories is falling flat on all mediums. What to do? How are you gonna get your story out there and heard, and acted upon? Try shining a bright light and speak to the medium of people. In other words, give the people what they want.

Hello Video

Video is the premier channel that all great marketing campaigns seek to leverage.  Smart  phones have become the great equalizer, putting the power of video into the hands of “everyday people.” Apple’s story-doing campaign, “Shot on iPhone,” is captivating audiences with aspirations that maybe they can “GoPro,” to steal a mantra from another camera brand.

It’s an elegantly simply call-to-action: buy an iPhone, make great videos. Will that translate to clicks and shares and brand building? Maybe, maybe not. What I discovered is elegantly genius, in our pursuit of making videos “work.”

Case Study

DeepCreatives has been developing a brand in Lake Tahoe called Tahoelove. The brand is a conglomerate of sorts, blending information about the stuff that makes Tahoe magical: mountain bike trails, outdoor festivals, concerts, skiing info, apres ski, fun vibes and of course the very lake itself. With a mere 350 likes on Faecbook as of this posting, it’s not exactly registering on anybody’s social media richter scale. But this fact goes to show the sheer power of doing video right. If I’ve got 300 odd likes on a FB page, how is it generating thousands of impressions? That’s right, sharing and liking. And that’s not easy to buy, but when it’s organic, i.e., word of mouth, well, it’s hard to stop.

Timing is Everything

Last week, as friends began showing up at Black Rock City, aka the Burning Man locale, large and small media outlets began teasing “stories,” about the greatest show on earth. They were all boring. An epiphany hit me. Make a mashup video for Burning Man. Tag it properly. Describe it well. Publish the shit out of it, and share it.

These guys don’t know jack about BM. They’re not burners, they’re reporters.

I threw all the “ingredients,” unto my proverbial cutting block where I edited and pieced together my final cut. At the same time, I listened to white label mashups on Soundcloud from Burning Man 2015 waiting for the perfect song. Half a day later, I finished the final cut and loaded the edit on Tahoelove’s FB page, and simultaneously on my Youtube Channel.

The first 24 hours racked up 700 views. Good. A week went by, 9,000 views on both channels. Wow. In the end, I’ve built up some brand indentity, some new Likes and subscribers on two of the biggest social channels on the web. This will go a long way, soon, as I prepare to launch a product line for Tahoelove. You can bet poles to skis, I’ll be running video for that launch.


Burning man accidental fire turns into epic photo shot.

Adam Pollina’s set burns accidentally.

Photo by @peterruprecht

The flames are not supposed to be there. This blazing set was created for an epic playa performance that was to be documented with photographs. Designer Adam Pollina worked for six months on it, handmaking everything in Bali, and every detail of the production was carefully planned. And yet, before the show began, the set and all the props caught on fire (no one knew why). At the last minute, photographer Peter Ruprecht yelled to the whole cast and crew to move to the upwind side of the fire and get at least one shot. “The photo is, to me, proof positive of perseverance through disaster…,” Ruprecht says. “IT BECAME ONE OF MY FAVORITE photos ever.” | #burningman #blackrockcity #brc


Videos on Facebook are King of Content

The numbers are in:  Facebook videos have quietly and quickly become the #1 most clicked content on social media.  Once upon a time, that slot belonged to photos. But photos are so 2013, and we all know what 2 years means in social media, heck, that’s like a decade.  While YouTube has stagnated, even declined in uploads, FB is growing like a weed.

This-is-TahoeLast week, I finally got around to putting the wraps on editing a life-style and sports video of all the things that I love about Tahoe. When I finished, I realized that instead of linking from YouTube, I could show my friends and connections on Facebook that I was the editor if I uploaded it to my Page.  So I did just that.  Of course, I also loaded it to Youtube, but the tools that FB gave me to track metrics were way better than they were just a few months ago.  I was sold.  Personally, I don’t like clicking links to Youtube from my mobile device, when I’m on FB, I kinda like to just stay there.

Read the full report from May 2015 in Business Insider: Facebook is Stealing Vast Chunks of YouTube’s Business.

If you own a business, a video could help you, a lot.  Here’s a few key things to think about when doing a video to promote your business.

  • Keep it authentic
  • Learn how to edit or find somebody who’s good at it
  • “Pin it” to the top of your FB Page aka Feature it
  • Learn how to use music effectively and make sure you have rights to it
  • Keep it short – the average time viewers watched my video was 56 seconds
  • Brand it
  • Use a Call-to-Action
  • Market it
    • Use a professional and interesting cover/intro
    • Load it on Youtube
    • Tag it and write a good description and use links
    • Load it directly into your Page on FB and tag it
    • Link/embedded on other sites
      • Twitter
      • Redit
      • Relevant Group Pages on FB
      • Youtube
      • Your website
    • Share it with close friends
    • Share it with good clients

Adam Callinan echos a few of my tips in this month’s issue of  Entrepreneur.

5 Tips for Effectively Setting Up Facebook Ads

The viral video, “This is Tahoe,” reached 20,000 eyeballs in just about 72 hours or 3 days. To be honest, that’s only 10,000 people and some 3,000 actual views with an average time spent watching of 56 seconds on Facebook.

But, and this is a BIG BUT,

The total reach and engagement was completely organic without any boost or advertising.  And not once did I ask anybody to share it. To be fair, I do run a small digital agency and have amassed a small amount of FB Pages which I manage.  And because of the organic relationships I have cultivated, it was not too difficult to find Pages that were all about Lake Tahoe. So sharing on those pages helped make the reach go big.

Below is the post on Youtube.  No effort was made to push traffic to this video vs. the one on FB because, well, I wanted to focus on social where I’d get more tread from my work.  If you want help with your next video project, feel free to contact me directly for a free evaluation of your plan and I’ll send you an outline of what I’d do if I were you.

Deep Creatives can develop your next video including script, filming and editing.

Curate Your Own Magazine: Flipboard


Want to know more about a person?  Ask them what they read.

It happens to all of us. We’re en route to work or between meeting or doings, and we have 5 or 10 minutes of “free time.”  Not long enough to read and respond to emails or voicemails, but maybe just long enough to peruse the “news of the day.”

Maybe a friend on Facebook or Twitter shared an intriguing article that we just don’t have time to read, at that moment.  Or we came across a sexy title on TechCrunch or the New York Times.  Sure, go ahead and bookmark it.  Then ask yourself when the last time you actually used your bookmarks.  Yeah, we know.   So when Flipboard came out in 2010, it was a great response to countless readers’ needs for a “one-stop-shop,” for stuff you might want to read now, or later.

Flipboard is a social-network aggregation, magazine-format mobile app localized in more than 20 languages. The software collects content from social media and other websites, presents it in magazine format, and allows users to “flip” through their social-networking feeds and feeds from websites that have partnered with the company.

It’s free, easy to use and even desktop friendly – although it was built around the mobile space. Moreover, once you setup your own account and tell it what kinds of stories you like, you don’t have to scour the web for the news you want.  It gets delivered to your Flipboard!  Creating your own curated digital magazine with “chapters,” is fun and you can share it, or chose to keep it private.

DeepCreatives‘ Flipboard is public (, so if you’re not accustomed to this great app, well, take a peek at how DC is using it to stay on top of news.  From Rolling Stone to Reuters, from Forbes to ESPN – there really is something for everyone within this curiously powerful app. Happy flipping.  Oh yeah, and recently, Flipboard began embedding video.


Social Octopus

Social Media octopusDeep Creatives has been an early adopter of social media from day one. Suffice it to say, we’re not on MySpace anymore. In fact, when somebody uses poor social media etiquette, it’s not uncommon to read the term, “Dude, that’s so Myspacey.” That’s not a good thing.


DC has a lot of experience running sophisticated contests to super engaging boosted posts and more. DC can help you design a campaign that actually works for your brand as well as your customers and potential customers. We don’t just create win-wins, we create WIN-WIN-WINS! With more than 40 Facebook Pages under our wings, we kinda have a clue about how stuff works.  This page is dedicated to showcasing some of the ideas and creatives designed and deployed by DC.


From Facebook Pages and Groups to crazy clever hashtags, we know what works and what doesn’t. To be honest, not every company needs a Twitter or Instagram account. . Others still might  need to upgrade their management strategies with HootSuite and WooBox. If all this has you wondering what your next smart move is should be in the social media space, you might be surprised to hear what DC has to say. After all, we’ve worked with many agencies from all around the country, and let’s just say most of them will sell you a bridge in Nevada. We’ll give it to you straight and in plain language that you can understand.


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