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Founder of DC wins 1st Place at Palace of Fine Arts: Teton Gravity Social Media Contest

Big Mountain Movie Further with Famous Truckee Mountaineer, Jeremy Jones

Deep Creative’s founder, CT, took first place in a social media contest by delivering the most paid attendees at a movie premier in San Francisco’s, Palace of Fine Arts.

(TGR), had completed post-production for their latest trilogy and big mountain snowboard movie – Further. Instead of dropping wads of cash on advertising, they did something unique for the time; they held a simple contest using Facebook and Twitter. The contestant delivering the most paid attendees won.

This unique opportunity to go head-to-head with San Francisco’s best and brightest was met with some trepidation, after all, this entire event and contest was held at ground zero of the digital revolution and marketing capitol of the world. But when the first week’s results were published, DC’s founder had inched out the top spot by several tickets. Week two came and it was all hands on deck;  DC pulled out all the stops, nabbed 1st place and kicked off an epic winter in Tahoe because of it.

Teton Gravity Research is one of the world’s most respected brands in action sports media with roots deeply planted in the ski/ride and surf spaces.

Founded in 1996 by two brothers in Wyoming, hence the name, TGR produces films with environmental messages, yet it also produces advertising for a wide range of manufacturers. The company is a key partner to organizations such as the Surfrider Foundation, Protect Our Winters, and 1% For The Planet.

Deep Creatives wins social media contest in San Francisco

Jeremy Jones at Teton Gravity’s premier of his movie, Further: San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts, 2012.


Snowbomb’s McAlpine interview on Indie 105.5 (San Francisco) and social

11896114_867046770043398_7590977779042147023_nJim owns Snowbomb and 420 Games and so this morning when he posted on FB that he was going to be on Indie 105.5 FM in San Francisco, I had to check it out.

Social media, radio and event production are a great mix if you can get it synched up like McAlpine did this morning.

Being some 100 miles away from SF, I went to my favorite “goto” radio app, TuneIn, on  my Chrome browser and dialed in the station:

You don’t need an account, per se, to listen – just connect via FB and well, then you’ll have an account.  Most of the radio is free, so you won’t need premium unless you want more live pro sports broadcasts.Anywho – without further ado, here’s a great interview that explains why I find Jim and his endeavors interesting and worthy of note, here.





Women of Winter

Today, in Northern California, we got our first real storm.  This event triggered deep emotions here at DC; so deep that we spent the entire day creating this mashup for no reason other that we’re stoked that the ski and ride season has officially arrived.

There is no marketing or advertising, pitch or other interest here other than to share our passion for winter sports.

Enjoy, and in case you’re looking for where to find hookups, this is a good one: