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Sacramento Area Photography

Shooting great photos is not really art, it’s science. Sure there is an artistic element to it all – but at the end of the day, it’s still pushing a button at a given moment in time, with some settings. But it ain’t art. That being said, here are our top 10o shots from 2004 thru April 2016. It was tough – but somebody had to do it.


Sacramento Classic Car Photography

’32 Coupe


T@B Trailer with DC vinyl wrap concept

Deep Creatives surf photography, Maui HI

Big Beach, Maui

Mono County Twin Lakes 2016

Fishing Twin Lakes, CA

Deep Creatives Photography in Palm Springs

Palm Springs, CA


Dillon’s Beach, CA


Big Beach, Maui


GoPro’s IPO: stoked about going big

Nick Woodman, Founder GoProI have built my business around Tony Hsieh’s ( founder) matra: “Your culture is your brand.”  So it should come as no surprise to my colleagues that I’m pretty excited about GoPro’s news today on Wall Street.  After all, these days, there’s a lot of talk about the over-valued “Dot-com,” bubble that’s ready to burst… again;  and that’s got a lot investors skeptical about investing in tech’s, “next big thing.”

But that model’s based on pure ether. You know, those things that you don’t ever really touch, known commonly as apps, and this IPO is different; it’s real, it’s fun and it’s on the top of every thrill-seekers “Must Have,” list.  In fact, I’d bet dollars to donuts that just about every professional athlete and countless millions of us amateurs with a little cash to burn, has at least one.

It get’s people off the couch and out in the world doing stuff, so it’s a noble cause, in addition to growing our business.

~ Nick Woodman, Founder, GoPro

A pro surfer wets his whistle at the proposition of making more than a million dollars, in one day from it.  Kellly Slater is stoked.  When news today from the SEC hit the streets that GoPro was ramping up to go public in hopes of raising $427.2 million dollars to pay off about $100 million in debt and ramp up more R&D, well, a lot of people are stoked. 17.8 million Class A shares are expected to go for somewhere between $21 and $24.  If this all plays out according to plan, founder, Nick Woodman, aka the “Mad Billionaire,” is going to be a real billionaire, by selling just 6% of his stocks, and he’s got to be stoked.

The GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition is every adventure sports lover’s go-to, handy-dandy, wi-fi, super hi-def, super fast (up to 100 fps), shock-proof, water-proof, “fit-in-your-pocket,” camera with killer free apps (Android and iOS7) and a free digital editing bay called GoPro Studio.  Long gone are the days when skiers, surfers and the like require a good buddy to shoot that epic shot off the cornice or in the swells. Today, anybody with some skills and a GoPro can, well, look like a pro.

Official GoPro Hero 3+ Promtional video released September 30, 2013. 
Shot 100% on the new HERO3+® camera from


It’s pretty inspiring stuff to see a surfer go from selling sea shell belts and wristbands out of his VW van take his clever idea this far.  After all, Nick just wanted to able to take his own photos while surfing and sling a few from his van to friends and passers-by.  What kind of numbers has Nick put up since that first release?  In 2004, his first big order was for 100 cameras to a Japanese company.  In 2012, GoPro sold 2.3 million cameras grossing $521 million dollars. So what’s in store for GoPro in 2014?  Forbes went on record that they expect GoPro to double their numbers in 2014. That’s right, DOUBLE!  And for the first time in the modern digital annals of camera-world, Sony is no longer the top dog and probably won’t be for anytime in the near future by going on record with quotes like in Forbes:

 “We’re a camera company first,” says Sony product manager Greg Herd. “GoPro is a mount company first that sourced to cameras.”

Really? sounds a bit like Sony is playing defense, but what does the consumer care WHAT GoPro “is,” as long as they continue to deliver top-notch products that work well? But I digress.  Interestingly, GoPro’s first edition camera was anything but high-tech.  The water-proof, 35mm cam shot on film. Today, “the world’s most versatile camera,” can rip video at an astounding 1440p48, that’s better than 1080p AND at 48 frames per second.  At 960p100, this all-purpose hi-def video captures 100 frames per second!  Not even Cannon’s EOS 6D does that.


The Digital Hero 3 (2007), was water-proof up to nearly 100 feet and boasted a 3-megapixel camera capable of capturing video at 512 × 384 pixels.

In 2008, the Digital HERO 5 came with a 5-megapixel photo sensor and hit a legitimate 100 foot water-proof depth, but didn’t improve on it’s standard definition 512 x 384.

Enter HD Hero 960 in late summer 2010 capable of shooting at 960p.

On January of 2011, the HD Hero boasted a true hi-def photo sensor capable of producing video at 1080p, but still had a 5-megapixel camera. Plenty of accessories were made for this release that helped skiers, surfers, kite-surfers and BASE jumpers share their good vibes with the world.

On October of 2011, the HD Hero2 hit the market with an major upgrades, including an 11 MP image sensor, improved low-light capability and 120 frames per second video capture ability.

In 2012, the GoPro Hero3 made waves with it’s lighter and smaller cameras and built-in wi-fi capability.  This release came in White, Silver and Black editions, each with varying photo sensors; the White and Silver editions apparently were re-using older photo sensors from previous releases.

On October 2013, the GoPro Hero3+ (Black and White editions) – with the White edition built using “re-purposed,” core-parts from earlier generations and the Black edition being it’s new flagship product. The new Black edition is lighter and smaller than any previous release making it super easy for athletes to toss in their pockets and just rip it.  Video capture was amp’d up to 1440p48 and stills can be shot at 12MPs and 30 frames per second.

Since there are no view-finders on GoPro’s, a must-have accessory is the free GoPro App which turns your mobile device into a mini digital editing bay with limited, but necessary functions.  If you run iOS, you’ll need to be able to run iOS 7 but be warned – the iOS version is getting terrible reviews since the update, while Android users seem to be more than happy, as this one is.

My first GoPro edit, recorded on June 7, 2014 somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.