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Founder of DC wins 1st Place at Palace of Fine Arts: Teton Gravity Social Media Contest

Big Mountain Movie Further with Famous Truckee Mountaineer, Jeremy Jones

Deep Creative’s founder, CT, took first place in a social media contest by delivering the most paid attendees at a movie premier in San Francisco’s, Palace of Fine Arts.

(TGR), had completed post-production for their latest trilogy and big mountain snowboard movie – Further. Instead of dropping wads of cash on advertising, they did something unique for the time; they held a simple contest using Facebook and Twitter. The contestant delivering the most paid attendees won.

This unique opportunity to go head-to-head with San Francisco’s best and brightest was met with some trepidation, after all, this entire event and contest was held at ground zero of the digital revolution and marketing capitol of the world. But when the first week’s results were published, DC’s founder had inched out the top spot by several tickets. Week two came and it was all hands on deck;  DC pulled out all the stops, nabbed 1st place and kicked off an epic winter in Tahoe because of it.

Teton Gravity Research is one of the world’s most respected brands in action sports media with roots deeply planted in the ski/ride and surf spaces.

Founded in 1996 by two brothers in Wyoming, hence the name, TGR produces films with environmental messages, yet it also produces advertising for a wide range of manufacturers. The company is a key partner to organizations such as the Surfrider Foundation, Protect Our Winters, and 1% For The Planet.

Deep Creatives wins social media contest in San Francisco

Jeremy Jones at Teton Gravity’s premier of his movie, Further: San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts, 2012.


Facebook Cover Photos: how to make them crystal clear

octo-social-2Preface:  this article is written with admins of FB Pages in mind and not so much as for the casual personal user.  Admins and designers often are charged with the duty of updating Facebook Pages as opposed to personal pages that are not affiliated with a brand, organization, cause or such entity.

You've spent thousands of dollars on your logo. Okay, maybe not you, but some brands do. And even they, more often than not, slip up when they take their brands into the social media space. If there's a quick way to cast doubt at  your customer base and potential consumer demographic, try throwing up some amateur, pixelated and sloppy branding and see what happens.

We've all seen it;  pixelated profile photos on Facebook - they're quite ubiquitous.  I'll ignore Twitter and Instagram here, but the case can be made there as well and the solution very similar. I generally ignore Instagram and Twitter, in case you haven't noticed.   But I digress.

The example below is taken from a well established Tahoe based resort (November 4, 2015).  It's a great  demonstration of the issue at hand.  To be fair, it happens a lot - even to "pro's," who actually should know better.  This just goes to show that even brands with deep pockets don't always get design right, especially when we start looking at how they integrate their images into the social space.

Here's a quick "how to," that will keep your logos un-pixelated and clean, modified slightly, from the ever smart, David Coleman:

How to Get Sharp Text and Logos on Facebook Images

WHY does Facebook compress graphics so much in the first place?  Well, for starters, the free system that Facebook is - has every right to try and make the site run fast.  One way to do this is to ensure that PROFILE PHOTOS on PAGES are compressed.  The upshot is that your logo will probably look a bit "chunky," unless you use the following techniques.

  1. Keep your Profile Photos under 99KB
  2. Save as .PNG, 24Bit if possible, 8Bit should be tested first - don't use JPGs
  3. Stay away from gradients
  4. Use solid colors

Fun hack here - upload the Profile Photo into an album.
Open that album and select that image you just uploaded as your new Profile Photo.


Social Octopus

Social Media octopusDeep Creatives has been an early adopter of social media from day one. Suffice it to say, we’re not on MySpace anymore. In fact, when somebody uses poor social media etiquette, it’s not uncommon to read the term, “Dude, that’s so Myspacey.” That’s not a good thing.


DC has a lot of experience running sophisticated contests to super engaging boosted posts and more. DC can help you design a campaign that actually works for your brand as well as your customers and potential customers. We don’t just create win-wins, we create WIN-WIN-WINS! With more than 40 Facebook Pages under our wings, we kinda have a clue about how stuff works.  This page is dedicated to showcasing some of the ideas and creatives designed and deployed by DC.


From Facebook Pages and Groups to crazy clever hashtags, we know what works and what doesn’t. To be honest, not every company needs a Twitter or Instagram account. . Others still might  need to upgrade their management strategies with HootSuite and WooBox. If all this has you wondering what your next smart move is should be in the social media space, you might be surprised to hear what DC has to say. After all, we’ve worked with many agencies from all around the country, and let’s just say most of them will sell you a bridge in Nevada. We’ll give it to you straight and in plain language that you can understand.


Converting Your Profile Into a Facebook Page

It happens. You have a Facebook profile but you’re closing in on the 5,000 cap. What to do? Facebook provides two choices to address this issue as below.

Convert Profile to Page

When you convert your personal account to a Facebook Page, FB transfers your current profile picture and adds your friends and followers as people who like your Page. Your account’s username will become the username for your Page, and the name on your personal account will become your Page’s name.

If you want your Page to have a different name, consider creating a new Page.

Allow people to follow your Profile

If your goal is to represent your business, brand or product on Facebook, create a Page. A Page lets you engage with people on Facebook and offers tools to help you manage and track engagement.

If your goal is to share updates from your personal Timeline with a broader audience, you can allow people to follow you. When you allow people to follow you, anyone on Facebook can follow you to get your public updates in their News Feed, even if you’re not friends on Facebook.

You can have an unlimited amount of people following you, and you can follow up to 5,000 people. You can have up to 5,000 friends on your personal account.